apply for a positionEDUCAID gladly welcomes new applicants from a broad range of academic backgrounds and with a diverse variety of academic specialties. All new applications must be submitted online via email,  and must contain a cover letter and resume displaying your full name,  the section of town in which you live,  your phone number,  your email address, your SAT-1 and SAT-2 scores,  your HS and college names & years of graduation,  and your earliest possible start date. Furthermore,  given that private tutoring,  unlike classroom lecturing,  involves a personal touch where appearance matters more,  you may enhance your application with a personal photo. Although optional, this is becoming increasingly popular. We will reply to all valid applications usually within one week. However,  due to the large volume of new applications,   it may take several weeks for you to receive a reply. If you have not received a reply within 3 weeks,  then please resend your application via email. Please be patient and do not call to inquire on the status of your application. We appreciate your interest and look forward to a potential affiliation !

Submit a new application VIA EMAIL ONLY to  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :   INFO@EDUCAIDTUTORING.COM