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We Are Serious About Your GRE Score

EDUCAID offers the finest in individualized, private, ONE-TO-ONE tutoring for all 3 sections of the GRE. Our sessions are available in the comfort and privacy of your own home,  or at mutually convenient locations throughout NYC,  Long Island,  Westchester,  & New Jersey. We also offer extensive scheduling options & flexibility,   with sessions available 7 days per week.

THE GRE is administered multiple times per year,  primarily in computerized format, to a limited extent in paper format, and consists of 3 primary sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. On August 1, 2011, this test was revised significantly.  A good GRE score is a major requirement for admission  to a broad range of competitive graduate school programs,  including some business school programs.

OVERCOME TEST ANXIETY : Overcome this common, burdensome problem by convincing yourself that you can perform on the GRE. Through intensive guided practice & repetition, you will build a high level of proficiency & skill. By taking practice exams in a simulated exam environment, you will gradually eliminate test-anxiety and liberate the true test-taker within.

BREAKTHROUGH MENTAL BLOCKS : There is no shame in having one or more mental blocks with exams in general or with specific Math and/or Verbal skills. Once you acknowledge and accept them, you can then progress past them by working cooperatively and closely with your GRE tutor. Your GRE specialist will build your self-confidence and pride using constant encouragement,  reinforcement,  and other positive self-image enhancement techniques.

CONQUER TESTING PRESSURE : By preparing well in advance and avoiding the crash-course approach, you will gradually reduce your testing pressure. EDUCAID’S advance preparation strategy will give you intensive practice with a highly trained & experienced GRE tutor,  enabling you to know well in advance that you are ready !

ATTAIN YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL : Rise above any self-limiting beliefs which may not be your fault & which have likely developed over many years of neglect by the school system. Start fresh with EDUCAID and aim for your true full potential with optimism & a positive attitude !

COMPASSIONATE, PATIENT, & CARING TUTORS : Are you dissatisfied with the typical insensitive, impatient, and uncaring teacher who makes you nervous and uncomfortable? Then allow an EDUCAID GRE tutor to show you the true value of compassion, patience, & a caring attitude !  When combined with modern & effective tutoring methods, the result will be a positive, pleasant experience & a maximum score for you !

OUR PRICES and THE EDUCAID ADVANTAGE : We are proud to offer high quality tutoring at highly competitive prices. Unlike other high profile GRE prep companies which promote extremely overpriced group prep and even more overpriced private GRE tutoring, we offer equally good or better tutors at truly reasonable and competitive prices. We also offer volume discount options. Don’t pay a small fortune for impersonal tutoring or group prep from some large,  assembly-line style,  nationwide chain when you can get personalized service and the best GRE PREP with EDUCAID .

OUR HISTORY of SATISFIED STUDENTS : We will gladly provide references. Numerous satisfied students with superb exam results are available to speak with you directly to assure & recommend EDUCAID’s HIGH-QUALITY GRE PREP.