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EDUCAID offers the finest in individualized, private, ONE-TO-ONE tutoring for all 3 sections of the LSAT. Our sessions are available in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or at mutually convenient locations throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester, & New Jersey. We also offer extensive scheduling options & flexibility,   with sessions available 7 days per week.

THE LSAT is administered 4 times per year and consists of 3 primary sections: Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning, (often informally referred to as the “Logical Games”). A strong LSAT score is required for admission to competitive American Law Schools.

TIME PRESSURE TRAINING : Because the LSAT is designed to be a time-pressure test, exceptional speed & proficiency is required to excel. However, the optimal preparation strategy is to first learn to solve all the problems correctly, and then learn to solve them quickly. Thus EDUCAID’s LSAT tutors will first teach you the skills and only then train you to develop proficiency and speed. We help you avoid the common error of attempting to build maximum speed before mastering the methods & skills.

EMOTIONAL TRAINING : Unlike most LSAT prep companies that prepare you only technically, EDUCAID prepares you both technically and emotionally. We know how intimidating and stressful the LSAT can be, and thus we train you to overcome nerves & test-anxiety,  remain calm,  and experience true self-confidence. >

READING COMPREHENSION : You will learn to critically reason & efficiently analyze the passages like a pro by watching an EDUCAID expert and then replicating the process until mastery using actual previous exams.

LOGICAL REASONING : You will first learn the theoretical logical principles upon which the questions are based. Then, with our tutor’s expert guidance, you will learn to effectively implement them on actual exam questions.

ANALYTICAL REASONING : You will learn to quickly identify problem types and then select the appropriate solution technique. The key is to efficiently translate each problem into an abbreviated symbolic model, quickly & easily solve it, and then translate it back into the original problem context. With consistent guided practice using actual previous exams,  you can master and take this section with poise and confidence.

OUR PRICES and THE EDUCAID ADVANTAGE : We are proud to offer high quality LSAT tutoring at highly competitive prices. Unlike other high profile LSAT prep companies which promote extremely overpriced group prep and even more overpriced private LSAT tutoring, we offer equally good or better tutors at truly reasonable and competitive prices. We also offer volume discount options. Don’t pay a small fortune for impersonal tutoring or group prep from some large, assembly-line style, nationwide chain when you can get personalized service and the best LSAT PREP with EDUCAID.

OUR HISTORY of SATISFIED STUDENTS : We will gladly provide references. Numerous satisfied students with superb exam results are available to speak with you directly to assure & recommend EDUCAID’s HIGH-QUALITY LSAT PREP.