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We Are Serious About Your MCAT Score

EDUCAID offers the finest in individualized, private, ONE-TO-ONE tutoring for all 3 sections of the MCAT. Our sessions are available in the comfort and privacy of your own home,  or at mutually convenient locations throughout NYC,  Long Island,  Westchester,  & New Jersey. We also offer extensive scheduling options & flexibility,   with sessions available 7 days per week.

The MCAT is administered numerous times each year, (25 times in 2013), and consists of 3 primary sections: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning. A strong MCAT score is required for admission to American Medical Schools.

OUR MCAT TUTORS : Our MCAT specialists have extensive MCAT familiarity, actual exam-taking experience with 99th percentile scores, extensive additional training from EDUCAID’s senior staff trainers, and varied & extensive tutoring experience with a broad range of students.  Many of our MCAT specialists are currently enrolled in a prestigious American Medical School. Finally, to make your experience most rewarding, they have a natural enthusiasm for tutoring and want you to succeed!

HIGH VOLUME TRAINING : Because the MCAT is a high-volume test containing an enormous amount of information, extensive memorization is required to perform well. However,  the ideal preparation strategy is to first learn how to optimally memorize large volumes of information, and then begin the memorization process early. Thus EDUCAID’s expert MCAT tutors will first teach you how to properly store large volumes of information and skill in your long-term memory. We help you avoid the common error of the crash-course approach and fragmented, short-term memorization.

PROPER LONG-TERM PREP : Unlike most MCAT PREP companies which offer a condensed, rushed, crash-course approach that adds pressure and does not allow for proper long-term memorization, EDUCAID offers the ideal blend of intensified study and appropriate long-term study. This allow you to prepare optimally, minimize stress & exam anxiety, and memorize large volumes of information for the long term, just as you will be required to do in Medical School.

VERBAL REASONING : by working closely with an EDUCAID MCAT verbal specialist, you will learn by repeated observation (combined with proper homework practice) to read through difficult, dense, & complex passages until you have attained sufficient skill and speed. This is the ideal strategy for attaining your full potential in this very challenging verbal section.

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES : A good score on this section requires true mastery of Biology and Organic Chemistry. You will study closely with an EDUCAID MCAT specialist who has studied & tutored Biology & Organic Chemistry for years, and who has extensive familiarity with the MCAT syllabus and format. Your tutor will engage you in the specific exercises and drills that you need to attain your full potential.

PHYSICAL SCIENCES : To perform well on this section requires extensive guided practice on Physics & General Chemistry, two of the most challenging of college subjects. EDUCAID’s MCAT Chemistry and Physics specialist will tutor you at your own natural learning speed, guiding you with the precise blend of demonstration, practice, & repetition that you need  to become comfortable with and confident in your Physics & General Chemistry skills.

OUR PRICES and THE EDUCAID ADVANTAGE : We are proud to offer high quality MCAT tutoring at highly competitive prices. Unlike other high profile MCAT prep companies which promote extremely overpriced group prep and even more overpriced private MCAT tutoring, we offer equally good or better tutors at truly reasonable and competitive prices. We also offer volume discount options. Don’t pay a small fortune for impersonal tutoring or group prep from some large,  assembly-line style,  nationwide chain when you can get personalized service and the best MCAT PREP with EDUCAID.

OUR HISTORY of SATISFIED STUDENTS : We will gladly provide references. Numerous satisfied students with superb exam results are available to speak with you directly to assure & recommend EDUCAID’s HIGH-QUALITY MCAT PREP.