philosophy_01At EDUCAID, WE FIRMLY BELIEVE that your learning experience can be both effective AND enjoyable. WE ALSO BELIEVE DEEPLY in the ONE-TO-ONE APPROACH, exceptionally high academic standards,  & the traditional values of academic excellence,  strength, integrity, and pride. Furthermore,  we emphasize commitment,  perseverance, hard work,  self-confidence,  self-discipline,  poise,  depth & diversity of knowledge, and solid analytical & critical reasoning skills.

OUR GOAL is our students’ academic success.  Learning should be fun, and thus we want you to truly enjoy and look forward to each session. We strive to guide and empower you by providing custom-tailored,  individualized sessions in the comfort and convenience of your home. You can progress at your own natural learning speed in a relaxed and friendly environment,  free from the tension and intimidation that often exist in a classroom setting. Our patient and enthusiastic tutors will also strive to motivate and encourage you,  giving special attention where necessary to address and resolve various academic fears such as test anxiety & self-doubt. It is our distinct privilege and pleasure to help you attain your full potential.

THE UNIQUE EDUCAID ADVANTAGE. We offer superior REMEDIAL TUTORING & TEST PREPARATION because of our unique emphasis on a highly interactive approach combined with intensive drilling,   test-taking rehearsal,  and building test-taking confidence. We are extremely flexible,  and will respect and adapt to your academic goals & expectations. Thus we can adjust the session intensity & focus to your needs & preferences. However,  we also recognize that success with today’s challenging exams & courses, especially math & science,  requires more than just casual review & practice;   it requires the real mastery attained from student engagement in thorough and intensive preparation. Most tutors don’t make the extra effort to provide this because they simply aren’t aware of it’s necessity and value. Because we excel in this,  our students thrive and attain higher scores.