At EDUCAID, we are proud to offer the best combination of service, quality, and price. This is our triple benefit: For extremely competitive rates, we provide better tutors and superior customer service. Unfortunately, in the NYC Metro Area, there are many high-priced tutors and tutoring services with low-level qualifications; many are partially or totally unqualified with inadequate subject matter knowledge and poor teaching skill. Fortunately, at EDUCAID, our commitment to tutor quality and competitive prices assures you of a superb tutor and protects you from these common unscrupulous practices.

Our rates are hourly and vary with the type and level of subject. For all academic levels within pre-school through 7th grade,  our minimum session length is 1 hour. For all academic levels of 8th grade and higher, our minimum session length is 1.5 hours. We also offer very generous volume discount plans. We will gladly provide you with a price quote for your particular academic subject, exam, and situation.