tutors_01Our tutors are very carefully and thoughtfully selected in accord with the strictest of academic and professional standards. Although we accept numerous applications from a diverse and extensive talent pool, we offer positions to only a small fraction. These select few are the most personable, talented, experienced, well educated, and highly motivated honors graduates of prestigious universities such as Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, McGill, Oxford, Princeton, Penn, Stanford, Yale,  and many other excellent institutions. In addition to academic excellence, our tutors must have an ideal tutoring personality and thus be exceptionally patient, supportive, encouraging,  enthusiastic,  energetic,  and sensitive to each student’s emotional and intellectual needs. Most importantly, EDUCAID’s tutors genuinely care about you and are dedicated to your success !

To ensure ideal tutor selection,  each applicant must undergo an extensive screening and evaluation process. This includes a thorough review of all college transcripts and standardized test scores,  a series of personal interviews,  and actual academic testing to verify with certainty the applicant’s intelligence,  academic knowledge,  and teaching skill.

Our tutors are fully familiar with the entire range of standardized tests,  JHS & High School entrance exams,  and the curricula of the public & private schools of NYC and suburbs. Being gifted and industrious,  many of our tutors possess expertise in multiple academic specialties,  and thus can simultaneously instruct for several academic subjects and standardized tests.