“With the help of my encouraging tutors, Dan, Bill and Philip, in just a few weeks I made tremendous improvement in Algebra and Chemistry, and I enjoyed the experience as well.”
Melissa, Glen Cove, NY
“The knowledge I have gained from EDUCAID’s tutors has not only helped me excel at H.S. Math, and with standardized tests, but will also benefit me throughout my life.”
“EDUCAID’s exceptional tutors have enabled me to optimally budget my study time and simultaneously maximize my performance in H.S. Physics and on the SAT II writing exam. I excelled in both.”

Success Stories

If you are considering private academic tutoring,  then you might find the success stories below to be very interesting,  inspiring,  and encouraging. These are just a few of the thousands of cases of extremely satisfied EDUCAID clients and their stories of personal academic triumph and accomplishment.

ALLEN attended a very competitive private High School in NYC and had high hopes of attending Yale University to study Economics & Music. He elected to have an intensive SAT-1 tutoring program with EDUCAID. After a dramatic series of SAT-1 score improvements which represented a total net increase from 1860 to 2190,  combined with a strong High School GPA due in large part to EDUCAID’s subject tutoring,  Allen earned admission to Yale for the Fall of 2009.

RACHEL from Manhattan attended a NYC public HS for 4 years. Throughout all 4 years she received private tutoring from EDUCAID in Math,  Science,  History,  and English. As a result,  she has excelled in all of her courses and scored in the 90s on all of her N.Y.S. Regents Exams. Furthermore,  she felt certain that EDUCAID’s tutoring dramatically increased her study skills,  test-taking skills,  and her self-confidence.

MATTHEW, a junior at a public High School near Northport,  NY sought a dramatic SAT-1 score improvement. After a few months of private tutoring with 2 of EDUCAID’s Math & English specialists,  he attained a total score increase of over 200 points.

ANNAMARIE from Syosset, NY struggled with math anxiety for years. With the help of regular Math tutoring from EDUCAID,   she consistently overcame this challenge and proudly earned Math grades in the 90s throughout a period of many years.