Why Choose A Private TutorSimply put, private tutoring is the most effective, efficient, and enjoyable learning method. It is ideal for a broad range of academic settings including remediation, enrichment, and test preparation. Unfortunately, classroom teaching has numerous flaws including a lack of individual attention, instructional speeds that are either too slow or too fast for the average student, and totally inadequate student participation. To make matters worse, many classroom teachers discourage parents from choosing tutoring, claiming that it is unnecessary. However, statistics and historical experience clearly confirm that tutoring does indeed succeed where the classroom fails. Although it may cost more per hour than group preparation, private tutoring is ultimately a superior investment. The world’s most successful people all have PRIVATE COACHES. Listed below are some additional specific benefits of private tutoring:

  • ALLOW the student to achieve his or her full potential.
  • ASSIST the student who shows declining performance.
  • ENABLE the student who has conflicts or incompatibilities with his or her teacher.
  • REMEDIATE and CORRECT academic deficiencies & test anxieties, especially those that have accumulated over years.
  • PROVIDE ENRICHMENT for the already successful student who seeks to achieve even more.
  • PREPARE PROPERLY and OPTIMALLY for the PSAT,  SAT,  ACT,  ERB,  ISEE,  SSAT,  GED,  GRE ,  GMAT,  MCAT,  LSAT,  and other standardized tests for which the school classroom and private group preparation are totally inadequate.
  • SUPPORT and GUIDE the student who has changed schools and is struggling with the adjustment.
  • TEACH a foreign language or an advanced math or science course that is not offered in the student’s school.
  • FULFILL AND COMPLETE the student’s academic promise & potential by building character,  poise,  and self-confidence.