Master The Test



EMOTIONAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT : Far too often the classroom and the average tutor will neglect the student emotionally & psychologically, while overemphasizing the academic aspect. At EDUCAID, we understand this critical need and thus provide essential encouragement, praise, & reassurance to balance the technical/academic guidance. Furthermore, your EDUCAID tutor will also MOTIVATE you to invest the necessary homework practice.

ELIMINATE TEST ANXIETY :  Your EDUCAID tutor will openly address this common problem and help you gradually replace it with self-confidence, poise, and pride. To help you approach the test in the proper state of mind, we teach you to stay calm yet fully focused & confident during each exam. Thus you will look forward to each EDUCAID tutoring session and, ultimately, to the exam itself.


KNOW, UNDERSTAND, & MASTER THE TEST : Because the PSAT / SAT / SAT2 exams are very different from typical HS exams, successful students must become fully familiar with their unique format and question types. Most HS teachers and tutors are not properly trained nor sufficiently experienced to guide you. However, EDUCAID’s PSAT / SAT / SAT2 specialists are extremely familiar with these exams, have mastered them, have extensive experience tutoring them, and are committed to guiding you through every aspect of them.

BUILD A PROPER & STRONG FOUNDATION : EDUCAID’s tutors will fully diagnose and correct all fundamental deficiencies, and then provide the special skills that your school does not teach. By becoming extra-prepared, you will maximize your self-confidence and your exam score.

INTENSIVE, INDIVIDUALIZED, GUIDED PRACTICE : For you to have an optimal learning experience and attain your best score, your test-prep program must be based upon and tailored to your unique knowledge base, skill set, learning style, and personal exam goals. EDUCAID has always been deeply committed to this fundamental principle – it has become our specialty. The result is an established track record of happy students & consistently strong score improvement.

CUSTOM TAILORED HOMEWORKS & HOME STUDY PLAN : EDUCAID will provide these essential ingredients to insure that your new knowledge & skills are deeply reinforced, retained, and fully ready for you on exam day !

PROCTORED EXAMS : With our proctored exams we will simulate the actual exam conditions to allow you to become familiar & comfortable with both the exam and the test experience.